My current Clients and past employers run the full spread of my design and illustrations skills. I have done everything from package design to simple logo illustrations, I have worked with high-end clients like Macy's to the Mom & Pop's place down the road. I am always looking for new clients, so If you think my style might work for your company shoot me an email to get the ball rolling . . .

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Clients Splash Image

fethers_logo_thumb mainstreet_logo_thumb mainstreet_logo_thumb fethers_logo_thumb fethers_logo_thumb
David Fetherston Publishing Vern Tardel Enterprises Hydrofarm LLC Flowmaster Mufflers Inc. Taylor Maid Farms
ff_logo_thumb bdv_logo_thumb sleeper_thumb k8tykat_logo_thumb sleeper_thumb
Fridge Fun! Bella Due Volte Hydrofarm LLC k8tykat.com Folk Art For Schools
ottos_logo_thumb sleeper_thumb sleeper_thumb fethers_logo_thumb sleeper_thumb
Otto's Shrunken Head, NY Planet Robot The Magnet Factory Richard Small Photography WHIRLWIND MEDIA INC.
trubru_logo_thumb mainstreet_logo_thumb masstransit_poster_thumb raven4_logoc_thumb
Determined Productions Main Street Sonoma MISC. DESIGN MISC. LOGO DESIGN